Our Philosophy

As a business owner or manager, you have your hands full trying to focus on your business and stay competitive.

Here at Shelldrake Consulting, we believe you should focus on your business, rather than trying to chase the latest technology trend.  Chasing those trends is stressful, expensive, and in the long run, takes your focus away from your business.

Shelldrake Consulting has over 25 years in enterprise computing, and over 18 in Web technology.  We’ve seen many trends come and go, and it’s left us with a more grounded, long-range view.

We believe that whenever possible, the website should serve the business – not force the business owner and staff to change the way they work.  Too many businesses wind up stuck with website maintenance programs that force them to learn a bunch of complex, rigid rules.

Really, who has time for that, particularly in today’s competitive business world?

When the maintenance program is hard to use, the website content falls out of date, which defeats the whole purpose of the website – and makes a bad impression on your customers.