About Dixie

A relative once said of me:

“Give her construction paper, scissors, and Scotch tape and she’ll conquer the world.”

I started out, like most kids, with crayons and a coloring book – but I didn’t stop there.  I went on to creating elaborate book report covers with construction paper and glue.  By seventh grade, my fellow students crowded around waiting to see my latest creation.

At sixteen, I received a calligraphy book as a birthday present.  I would go on at 18 to start a calligraphy and graphic design business, which later led to lettering race cars,* tow trucks, and the backstretch wall of a race track.

  • I also raced stock cars – see the vintage photo of me below.

I later went on to receive a certificate in Graphic Design from Sessions College of Professional Design, then located in New York City.  I also studied Commercial Art at my local tech college, Biological and Botanical Illustration at my local college, and Web Design at Parson’s The New School.

I still love paper sculpture (take a look at the paper lantern on the Art page), and have worked in traditional mediums like watercolor, pen and ink, and scratchboard.  I also love patterns and floral designs.

I have always been fascinated by colored glass, particularly when light shines through it.  Some of the paper lanterns I have created have stained-glass effect windows, with an Art Nouveau influence.